It’s a web application — which means that you don’t need to install anything. Just open the page, sign in, and share your screen with your remote team members. The killer feature for Google Drive is definitely the ease of conversion. You just upload all your current documents into your Drive, share it with your team, and that’s it — Google will even automatically convert all your MS Office files into its own internal format. When it comes to modern product development, strong cross-functional teams have a 76% success rate.

It enables teams to visualize tasks and track project progress in real-time, all without a lot of interactive overhead. With this  Kanban Software Development Template, Kanban gets an upgrade. The same clarity and intuitiveness of Kanban in a fully customizable task board helps you manage your tasks and find the workflow that fits your development style. When it comes to online collaboration tools, Google is much more than a search giant.

Version control services

Collaboration tools need to be easily integrated with others when needed. The best tools would be compatible with the apps you are already using. TeamViewer is What Is Software Development? an easy remote-access software that would helps everyone stay organized. TeamViewer is home to almost 130 mobile device manufacturers, OS, and IoT systems.

  • Zoom the most popular video conferencing solution (44%) our respondents use at work, followed by Microsoft Teams (33%) and Google Meet (29%).
  • Jenkins is an open-source automation server that provides hundreds of plugins to support building, deploying, and automating any project.
  • Our advice is to go with something that is appropriate for your specific use case and is sufficiently professional.
  • The video conferencing tool also comes with free screen sharing and recordability.
  • is an open cloud-based platform where you can design, track, and customize your software projects.

The more productive a team is, the faster it can complete projects while also saving money in the process. If you are still not convinced that a dedicated collaboration tool is crucial for a development team’s efficiency, the findings of a study from the McKinsey Global Institute say otherwise. It helps developers solve reported issues in their app faster, without having to bother the user. Jira also has Roadmaps that make tracking and releasing projects easier—everything is transparent, so collaboration between developers is simple.

How to choose the best apps for developers?

A Zoom meeting can also be scheduled directly from the Outlook, Gmail, or iCal email calendar. Additionally a component of the HubSpot ecosystem, Zoom easily integrates with the CRM. The engineers can produce well-organized diagrams for demonstrating ideas, information, and interactions between various aspects, components, and processes with the aid of diagramming software. With the help of these resources, we can make our case to other engineers, team leaders, clients, a board of directors, or an investor.

The product team needs to communicate development processes to stakeholders in simple language. That soft skill of communicating in layman’s terms is almost as important as being literate in the many different programming languages. LastPass is one of the best developer collaboration tools for password protection today. If you are a premium member of this software, it is technically impossible to leak your password or break into your vault to verify your personal information. In addition, it allows a person to share their confidential information in case of an emergency, and a person can also work with this software with minimal delays. Visual Studio Team Services, now known as Azure DevOps, allows different teams in a project to collaborate, with special tools for testers, architects, developers, and so on.

What are the best collaboration tools for teamwork?

There are apps for communication, like Chat and Meet, which make exchanging ideas easier. We provide companies with senior tech talent and product development expertise to build world-class software. Microsoft To-Do is a very streamlined to-do list, focused on simplicity and customization. However, and as of late, the development has been extremely slow, with rumours that Microsoft is simply keeping the project on life support. Google Calendar is an amazing free tool for everyone who wants to be efficient with their time, especially for those who are engaged in remote work.

Teams that use remote collaboration software can plan their workload, organize their tasks, and deliver projects effectively. Managing remote workers can be tricky, but being armed with some useful developer collaboration tools will definitely help to make this process way more smooth and effective for your startup. As it was already mentioned, it’s extremely important to use these tools in the right way, be it remote pair programming tools or code collaboration tools. Group chat takes collaboration to the next level as it relates to working on team projects where workforces are geographically dispersed. This provides team members with messaging, file sharing, virtual voice/video conferencing, virtual whiteboarding and workflow tools.

What are the top video conferencing tools for remote teams?

One proposes a code while the other types their suggestions and picks up any issues, before the roles are swapped. TeamViewer is complete remote access, monitoring, and support solution compatible with almost all desktop and mobile platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. It’s absolutely not necessary to use the same collaboration tool which is being used by another company. Analyze the nature of your company and then decide which tool best suits your setup. Zoom features a few entertaining and interactive elements including filters, reactions, polls, hand raising, and chat that can let attendees participate more actively.

  • While most people think of Zoom as a video conferencing tool, the company has incorporated a number of team collaboration services into the platform.
  • It’s like your digital whiteboard where you can create, assign, check and mark the tasks for your team.
  • They use the Internet to communicate via avenues like email, messaging, and video chat, and while sufficient to stay in touch, those methods can be clunky and sometimes confusing.
  • Collaboration is all about communicating and sharing, and Slack makes it simple and easy to do online.
  • Google Docs is an online word processor that lets users create and format documents and work together in the same document with other people.

In some organizations, the need for voice and video communication is prioritized over all other functionalities. In others, organizations that request a more comprehensive and configurable project management focus will choose team collaboration tools that cater to those aspects. In conclusion, GitHub is the ultimate collaboration tool for software development. With its powerful version control, collaboration tools, accessibility, open-source community, and integration options, it’s no wonder that it’s the go-to platform for developers around the world. If you’re struggling with team communication within remote teams, get your team members on Basecamp! It is one of the popular team collaboration tools for seamless communication across remote teams and departments.