What skills or knowledge do you need to reach these levels of expertise? The data shows that on average these professionals make $128,467—ranking as one of the highest-paying certification categories in North America. Alec works as a senior content strategist at Skillsoft on the Technology and Developer team. He’s currently taking courses on Python and JavaScript, but hopes to learn Spanish too. In fact, reviewing the documentation isn’t optional if you want to pass an AWS exam.

Are you ready to set a goal and start preparing for an AWS Certification? Learners are advised to conduct additional research to ensure that courses and other credentials pursued meet their personal, professional, and financial goals. Get the Cloud Dictionary of PainSpeaking cloud doesn’t have to be hard. We analyzed millions of responses to ID the top concepts that trip people up.

AWS Certified Security – Specialty

This entry-level certification test is intended to assess a candidate’s comprehensive knowledge of the AWS cloud. AWS Certification further enhances the skills of in-demand cloud computing personnel, bolstering companies’ bids to build effective and innovative teams for cloud initiatives using AWS. These certification programs contain a series of exams to choose from, which are based on role and specialty, and are designed to empower the respective teams and individuals to meet their unique goals. If you’re ready to get started in a cloud computing career, consider enrolling in the Starting Your Career with AWS Cloud Specialization on Coursera. This program covers topics like cloud operations on AWS, cloud computing, data analytics on AWS, and more.

I hope this helped you out a little understanding of the different options that you have available to you for passing your AWS certification exam. Before you go, I just want to remind you about my newsletter, which I send out every month, which includes the latest news about the cloud, I think you’ll like it. You’ll find plenty of free online guides and resources to help you pass too, like this one for the Solution Architect exam. AWS DevOps certification is highly valuable as it validates your expertise in cloud-based DevOps practices, enabling you to efficiently manage AWS resources for continuous integration and delivery.

The 12 AWS Certifications: Which is Right for You and Your Team?

A cloud engineer makes an average salary of $109,974 in the US as of June 2021, according to Glassdoor [1]. Cloud engineers with little previous experience can expect a salary of $97,500, while cloud engineers with strong skills can earn around $163,000 a year, reports Robert Half Technology’s 2021 Salary Guide [2]. Here is the detailed blog post on how to prepare for cloud practitioner certification exam. Here is the list of AWS certifications that are grouped under each level.

  • IT professionals who earned new certifications received an average raise of nearly $13,000.
  • IBM cloud services take up less market share than the others, but can still be useful in industries that use IBM cloud platforms.
  • The AWS certification is simple to obtain, and there are numerous examination locations across the world.
  • Watching TV or listening to music on your favorite streaming services, using an online email platform, or backing up your phone pictures to the internet is all possible due to cloud technology.
  • In fact, you probably use cloud-based technology frequently in your everyday life.

The advantages of AWS DevOps certification open doors to exciting job opportunities and validate my expertise in the ever-evolving field of data analytics. Maintaining an edge in the quickly changing world of technology is essential. I frequently find myself considering the relevance of credentials for a successful career in cloud computing and DevOps.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (Best Cloud Certificate for Beginners)

Furthermore, your ability to write codes for serverless applications should be unmatchable. To ensure you grab the best job opportunities in this domain, you can opt for an AWS certification program that prepares you to become a qualified cloud developer. It’s designed to see how well you know AWS security topics like data encryption and protection, infrastructure security, how to become an aws cloud engineer incident response, identity, and access management, monitoring, and logging. Check out these resources from AWS Training and Certification that are relevant to AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional. We don’t require that you take any specific training before you take an exam. These recommended resources are opportunities to learn from the experts at AWS.

  • So let me share with you what I’d recommend if you’re stuck in making a choice.
  • This includes the multiple AWS whitepapers that are available, as they hold some invaluable information.
  • Certification holders must recertify every three years to demonstrate continuous skill and understanding of best practices for the most current AWS services.
  • The certification is valid for two years, so professionals are required to recertify when their certifications expire.

There are plenty of options when it comes to scrubbing up your AWS knowledge in your own time, at your own pace. AWS certification doesn’t just look good on your resume—it can significantly boost the kind of salary or rate you command. On top of that, AWS-certified professionals are actually more productive and prove to be faster troubleshooters than their uncertified counterparts, making for a smoother ride when it comes to day-to-day workflows.

If you’re new to the cloud space, try a foundational certification—like the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900. You can set yourself up to be competitive for cloud engineering jobs by getting the right skills and experience, and perhaps a certification. A cloud engineer is an IT professional that builds and maintains cloud infrastructure.

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